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September 27, 2022

Join me at the MiraVista Behavioral Healthcare Center, located at 1233 Main Street in Holyoke, MA for a presentation and book signing.  The program starts at 6:00 PM on September 27, 2022.   MiraVista is a new facility serving the underserved with mental health and addiction issues.  I am excited to meet the community and offer stories of hope!


September 19, 2022

Join me at the Falmouth Public Library at 300 Main Street in Falmouth, MA for a presentation and book signing.  The program is sponsored by the Falmouth Commission on Substance Use. They are an amazing organization providing a leadership role in helping the community develop programs combating Substance Use.  The program starts at 6:30 PM on September 19, 2022.   I am excited to meet the community and offer stories of hope!


September 14, 2022

I want to thank Jaime Lee Curtis for her amazing endorsement of my book "Through A Sober Lens".  100% of the sales of my book ordered on her site go directly to her various charitable causes.  Click this link to learn more: 


Here is the link to order directly off her site:


September 14, 2022

The next issue of Recovery Today Magazine is out.  I hiked Mount Washington in NH on July 26th of this year to celebrate 12 years of sobriety.  The story recounts my attempt to connect to my higher power 14 years ago by hiking the mountain with Vodka in my water bottles - bad idea!  I hope you enjoy the article and photographs.  You can get the magazine electronically each month for free by subscribing at


June 20, 2022

I gave a program to the Newburyport Art Association on using photography in healing.  The audience consisted of photographers who were interested in both the therapeutic aspects of imagery but also the ability to give back to the community.  It was a great experience for me.

June 15, 2022

The latest issue of Recovery Today Magazine is out.  I write a regular column every month titled "Hope Through A Lens".  This month's issue focuses on finding stillness and having the courage to follow through on messages.  You can subscribe and get a free issue delivered by email each month by going to

April 10, 2022

The latest issue of Recovery Today Magazine is out.  I write a regular column every month titled "Hope Through A Lens".  This month's issue focuses on the contrast between darkness and light.  You can subscribe and get a free issue delivered by email each month by going to


April 10, 2022

On another nation-wide Fox Radio tour to talk about how alcohol-related deaths have surpassed 3% of all deaths during the pandemic.  A grim statistic that needs attention.


WBAP Dallas, TX

WTKS Savannah, GA

WOOD Grand Rapids, MI

WERC Birmingham, AL

WILS Lansing, MI

KPNW Eugene, OR


February 16, 2022

Heading to Clifton Park, NY on Wednesday.  Giving a talk to members of the organization know as STAHL - stands for "Stigma Takes Away Hope and Life".  I'll be talking about my story and how photography helped me transform the direction of my life.


February 9, 2022

Starting Over

This month's issue of Recovery Today Magazine is out.  I moved up to page 22!  I told the story of starting over from my book "Through A Sober lens".  You can get the monthly delivery of the magazine electronically for free by email by going to and signing up.  It is the largest recovery-based magazine in the country.  Gives me a great platform to spread my story of recovery.

February 9, 2022

Very proud and happy to announce that two of my photographs are being installed as part of the Martha's Vineyard Hospital permanent collection.  The hospital hallways and office spaces are lined with some of the most amazing artwork you will ever find.  Curated by Monina Van Opel, the collection contains the work of the finest artists on Martha's Vineyard over the lat 30-40 years.  The photo below is a 40x60 metal print of Edgartown Snow that hangs in the Internal Medicine space.  Keep your eyes open if you happen to visit.


February 3, 2021

Join me for a virtual online interview and presentation with the Zullo Gallery in Medfield, MA.  The program starts at 7 PM on Thursday February 3rd.  Click the following link to register.

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December 1, 2021


Fox News Radio once again asked me to do a morning show national tour.  The subject was the rise in overdose deaths with the pandemic.For the first time ever, more than 100,000 people died of drug overdoses in the United States during the 12-month period ending April 2021. 30% increase over prior year.  In that same period 500,000 died for COVID,  600,000 died of cancer, 660,000 of heart disease.  Just think of the difference in news coverage.  Empathy, non-judgement and listening skills are the keys to helping someone stay alive.  I was on the following radio stations:  KPEL in Lafayette, LA,   WOOD in Grand Rapids, MI,  KOGO in San Diego, CA,  WIBX in Utica, NY,  WTKS in Savannah, GA,  WILS in Lansing, MI,  and KODY in North Platte, NE.


November 30, 2021


My latest monthly column is out in Recovery Today Magazine.  It is titled "Finding Clarity in Fog".  This is one of my favorites and you will have to subscribe to read it.  There is no obligation or cost.  The magazine is free to folks as part of the mission to help people find sobriety and enjoy life.



September 30, 2021

I was recently featured on one of the most well known and prestigious addiction podcasts in the country today.  I was very grateful to be interviewed as part of "The Addiction Podcast".  Many thanks to Steve and Joanie Sigal for the opportunity.  You can listen to the complete content of the show by clicking the link that follows:

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September 30, 2021

My Book "Through A Sober Lens" was named as a finalist at the International Book Awards.  We didn't win Gold or Silver but a selection as a finalist is an amazing accomplishment.



September 30, 2021

One of my favorite interviews on Blog-Talk-Radio.  Fran Lewis is a well known talk show host and I was proud to be a part of her broadcast.  You can listen to the entire interview by clicking the link that follows:

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September 30, 2021

My monthly column in Recovery Today magazine talks about the necessity of adversity in shaping the person you were always meant to become. The article has some of my favorite crashing wave photos!  I hope you enjoy it.  You can sign up to get the free magazine and the full content of my article at  



July 30, 2021

My monthly column in Recovery Today Magazine talks about spirituality.  The concept of a higher self and being part of something larger, was critical in my recovery from addiction.  I hope you enjoy it.  You can sign up to get the free magazine and the full content of my article at  



June 12, 2021

Just finished my second national Fox radio tour to promote my book "Through a Sober Lens".  Here are the stations.  It was an amazing experience.   WOOD Grand Rapids, MI; WJR Detroit, MI;  WHO Des Moines, IA;  WERC Birmingham, AL;  WSJK Champaign, IL;  WHO Des Moines, IA;  WTKS Savannah, GA;  KPNW Eugene, OR;  WILS Lansing, MI;  KID Idaho Falls, ID 


June 5, 2021

My monthly column in Recovery Today magazine talks about the concept of Post Traumatic Growth (PTG).  The process of transforming to levels not achievable without having gone through the trauma.  I hope you enjoy it.  You can sign up to get the free magazine at  Click that link to see the full article.


June 1, 2021

I am honored to have this 40x60 photo of "Edgartown Snow" made part of the Martha's Vineyard Hospital permanent collection of artwork.  For those of you who haven't walked the halls of the Hospital, it is lined with some of the best photographs and original paintings of well known Vineyard artists.  I can't wait to see where it ends up!


April 21, 2021

I now have a regular monthly column in the prestigious "Recovery Today Magazine"   This month's column is on my Western Road Trip to Death Valley, Yosemite, etc.  I attached the pages but you can sign up and get a monthly PDF of the magazine for free by clicking the button below.  

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April 1, 2021

Great news!  The second edition of my first book "Fighting For My Life" has been named an awards finalist by the Independent Book Publishing Association for the 2021 Ben Franklin awards in the category of "Art And Photography".  As I finalist I will receive either the silver or gold award.  The awards show is in May.  Wish me luck.  PS:  My book "Through A Sober Lens" won the gold award in the categories of interior design and most inspirational story, in 2020.  It is a great honor and I am grateful.  You can tune in and watch and here is the link:

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March 30, 2021

Please join me on April 15th at 4 PM ET for my presentation to Musicares on "Post Traumatic Growth and Healing from Addiction.  Musicares is the philanthropic arm of the Recording Company who puts on the Grammy Awards.  The seminar is available to their musicians and you never know who is going to show up! The program will be delivered by zoom and requires advance sign-up.  It's for free!!  Just click the link below.

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March 30, 2021

On April 12th from 7-11 Fox News Radio has signed me up for a nation-wide radio tour of 16 different stations all across the country. Every 15 minutes from 7 AM to 11 AM ET I will jump to a different station and get interviewed on my story, my mission, and to discuss my two books:  "Through A Sober lens" and "Fighting for my life".  Stay tuned on my Facebook page for the exact schedule when it is made available to me.  This should be amazing.


March 30, 2021

I learned yesterday the article published in Recovery Today Magazine this month, was so well-received I am starting a monthly column with my words and pictures.  The March issue will feature photographs and thoughts from my 3-week road trip out West.  Sign up to receive your monthly issue at  It's FREE!

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March 12, 2021

An excerpt from my book "Through A Sober Lens" on the story of "Intimacy and Alcohol" on the recovery site "The Fix".

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March 12, 2021

I am very proud of this article.  I received the feature in the international publication of "Recovery Today Magazine".  They were so kind in labeling me "The Ansel Adams of Recovery".  Take a look by clicking the following link:

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February 27, 2021

I really enjoyed my interview on WHRI in South Carolina last week.  Another opportunity to talk about my book Through A Sober Lens and help people with addictions.  You can listen in by clicking the following link.

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February 20, 2021

A nice article on "Through A Sober Lens" on the internet technology site called the Vistek.  They have a international audience.    Just click this link to read.

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February 19, 2021

My first movie appearance and release!!!  The documentary movie "Straight To Tell" is now available to stream on-line.  I am so proud to be a part of this Martha's Vineyard effort to change norms around substance use on the Island.  A number of courageous souls tell their stories of recovery with the goal of reducing stigma and promoting a greater understanding of the diseaseJust click this link to watch the movie.

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February 19, 2021

I am so proud of this.  Here is the press release announcing a portion of sales of "Through A Sober Lens" will go to supporting Musicares, which is the charitable foundation of the Recording Company and the Grammy Awards.

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February 19, 2021

Red River Paper is prominent in the photography industry.  It makes me happy when my work bridges both the world of art and the world of recovery.  I want to thank Arthur Bleich for his thoughtful article in carrying the word that photography is both a form of art and a means of healing.

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January 27, 2021

If I had to pick one Podcast that expresses most clearly what I need to say in this life, it would be this "Soul Candy" podcast with Anne Alexander.  She is a best selling author and amazing person.  If you have 45 minutes have a listen!

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January 27, 2021

"Through A Sober Lens" has made its way to the Target Website.  Target usually takes books only from large publishers but thanks to my partner Julian Wise, we did it.  Be sure to have friends buy the books by clicking this link so we can prove we belong!

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January 2, 2021

My first Podcast in the United Kingdom.  Michael Levy is an amazing poet and philosopher.  Have a listen:



January 1, 2021

Welcome to 2021!  I was honored to appear on the podcast "Mending Broken Beliefs" with Eden Busani.  A great way to start the new year by helping people recover from addiction.  Have a listen:




December 15, 2020

Really nice article on my new book "Through A Sober Lens" in the international publication of the organization known as "Thrive Global". Click the following link to take a look!! Have a great day!



December 1, 2020

Really nice article on my new book "Through A Sober Lens" in the international publication of the organization known as "Art Daily". Click the following link to take a look!! Have a great day!



November 30, 2020

I was pleased to be the guest on the well-known "Bubble Hour" podcast with Jean McCarthy.  She is an amazing person and we hope the show helps those suffering from addiction.  Here is the link:



November 25, 2020

OMG - big news. Somehow, with the hard work of his friend and publisher Julian Wise, we just entered into an agreement with MusiCares, who is the charitable organization of the company that puts on the Grammy Awards. MusiCares is an incredible organization that helps musicians and also focuses the music industry on giving back. They have an annual person of the year award which was given this year to Aerosmith for their charitable work. They have agreed to promote my new book "Through A Sober Lens" to individuals fighting substance use, and we have agreed to donate a portion of each book sale to their charitable foundation. I will be speaking with their senior director in a week or two to talk about imagery as a means of helping people recover from addiction. I hope this helps us get my book into the hands of people that need it. No words to tell Julian how grateful I am for his hard work.


November 22, 2020

Really nice article in Cape Cod Life Magazine on my book "Through A Sober lens". Many thanks to Christina Galt.

November 10, 2020

One of my photographs has become an entire hallway at a medical office building in Weymouth. My photos can be made into large wall posters. Let me know if you would have interest for your office building! Have a great day!


November 5, 2020

Thanks to you we did it again! The 2021 Inspirational Calendar is nearly sold out. Brodie and I were able to present Lisa Belcastro and the National Alliance on Mental Illness, a check for $5,000 to support their efforts here on Martha's Vineyard. Thank you so much for your help!


October 30, 2020

"Through A Sober Lens" made it on the front page of the USA Reformer Newspaper, just under an article on Joni Mitchell. Very grateful!

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October 30, 2020

"Through A Sober Lens" was picked up on a number of newswires. We are continuing to get the word out on the book!!!!

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October 28, 2020

"Through A Sober Lens" scored a perfect 5 out of 5 on the prestigious "Reader's Favorite" site. Take a look:

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October 25, 2020

I am so proud to have my Gallery become part of the African American Heritage Trail in honoring "Emma Maitland" who lived on our street. Here is a nice article in the MV Times describing the unveiling of a plaque in her honor.

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October 1, 2020

I want to thank Chase Lee for including me on his podcast that seeks to address issues around addiction. We discuss relapse on his program called "Stone Cold Moderation". Have a listen!

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September 30, 2020

"Through A Sober Lens" made it onto the front page of the California Herald!!

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September 15, 2020

A nice on-line article on "Through A Sober Lens" in the Digital Journal.

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Sept 13, 2020

I sincerely believe I was separated at birth from my twin! I recorded the attached podcast yesterday with Alan Scherer Photographer. A recovering addict/alcoholic who found photography as his savior. Sounds sorta familiar.!! LOL I felt like I was talking to myself in the mirror. He is a kind, decent, passionate and knowledgeable person and I really enjoyed sitting with him to record this session. We talked about addiction, hope, recovery and art. Alan received a copy of my new book "Through A Sober Lens" from the Herren Project and he was kind enough to let me know the book touched him. I hope you enjoy it and will follow his site.


August 13, 2020

My book "Through A Sober Lens" made into Publisher's Weekly Magazine which is one of the largest in the publishing world. Here is the link:

Click Me

August 12, 2020

I really appreciated the video endorsement of my book "Through A Sober Lens" by Lance Bass who was a member of the singing group NSYNC. Very much appreciated!! Here is the link:

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June 7, 2020

Really nice article in the Cape Cod Times this morning on my new book "Through A Sober Lens" Just click this link:


May 24, 2020

Enjoy a virtual tour of Crossroads gallery. We hope to open mid-June! Click this link:

Crossroads Gallery

May 24, 2020

Tony Smalls (mini-horse) artwork will be sold at my gallery this summer and on this web page for charity. Check out my video by clicking this link:


May 16, 2020

In case you missed it, and are tired of COVID, fly with me over Martha's Vineyard. Click this link:


May 14, 2020

We have some new "Through A Sober Lens" promotional videos. Email me with the one you like best! Just click each book cover!!

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

May 5, 2020

We did it!!! Ben Franklin Gold Award winner in 2 categories!!!!!!!

"Through A Sober Lens" took the Gold at the prestigious Ben Franklin Awards by the Independent Book Publisher's Association in California this week. My book won the Gold for Best Interior Design and for Most Inspirational Story. 1700 other books were in the running. Many thanks to Lara O'Brien, Julian Wise, Alex Elvin and Allison Simon for their amazing work and making the book possible.

Here are the actual award announcements:

APRIL 5, 2020

Thanks to the help of all my Facebook friends we have selected the cover for the second edition of my first book "Fighting For My Life". The first 2500 copies sold out. By popular demand we are reprinting. The same short and simple story and refelctions but with all new photography. The book will be soft cover so it can get into prisons and institutions and people who need it most.

APRIL 4, 2020

I really enjoyed being on NPR radio this week. Please check out "The Point" with Mindy Todd on WCAI. Click this WCAI logo and you will be taken to their site to hear about my new book "Through A Sober Lens" and issues facing recovery programs in the face of Corona Virus.

April 1, 2020

I am so excited. "Through A Sober Lens" has won either the Gold or Silver awards for interior book design and inspirational story in the Ben Franklin Awards by the Independent Book Publishers Association in California. We find out in May if we won the Gold. Regardless, it is a high honor out to be selected in two categories out of the 1700 independent books chosen for consideration out of all the books published in 2019. Stay Tuned!.

March 7, 2020

I had so much fun doing this interview with April Eichhorn O'Leary from O'Leary Publishing. If you didn't have the chance to see the 36 minutes on Facebook, here is the link to the podcast. Just click the photo of April. Her podcast is called "I'm Booked".

March 6, 2020

It's Official. I am teaming up with the Martha's Vineyard Preservation Trust to do two cell phone photography workshops, and a cell phone photography week-long exhibition, at the Carnegie as part of ARTS WEEK on Martha's Vineyard the first week of May. The workshops will help you take your best pictures, followed by an exposition at the Carnegie of printed cell phone photos. I am excited to be curating the show and facilitating the workshops! Here are screenshots of each program but all you have to do to sign up is click this link:

Cell Phone Workshop and Show

March 1, 2020

Appearing in my first Movie!!

Barbara Bates Conroy is an angel. Her son died of a heroin overdose and her passion to tell his story has lead to the release of a documentary at the end of the month. I am honored to be a part of the movie with national experts and politicians like Patrick Kennedy and Senator Blumenthal. Sherry Sidoti and I make up the Martha's Vineyard contingent. Barbara lives here in the summer. We have small parts but represent how Art and Yoga / Mediation can provide a path to recovery. I believe there will be a Martha's Vineyard premier later this Spring or Summer and I will let you know where/when/how to watch the movie.

January 30, 2020

Really hard to believe but my book "Through A Sober Lens" just hit number 2 as an Amazon Best Seller in Landscape Photography. There are tens of thousands of books and I am so happy. We also hit the top 25 in the categories of alcoholism and addiction.

January 30, 2020

Kirkus is one of the more renowned book reviewers in the country. I am so pleased we just received this email. I will let you know when we get the issue!

This message is for Michael Blanchard,

I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to let you know that THROUGH A SOBER LENS has been selected by our Indie editors to be included in the 2/1 issue of Kirkus Reviews. Congratulations on the feature! Less than 10% of Indie authors are selected for this. Your review will be included as 1 of 35 reviews in the Indie section of the magazine which goes out to industry professionals (literary agents, librarians, publishers, book sellers, film executives, etc.). 

December 30, 2019

Great way to end the New Year. really nice article today on my new book "Through A Sober Lens" in the Martha's Vineyard Gazette!

Here is the link: Click ME

December 26, 2019

Our first two professional book reviews are in for my new Book: Through A Sober Lens: A Photographer's Journey

Both Kirkus and Forward Reviews can be brutal so I am very happy. Just click the name to see the review:



December 22, 2019

Thank you for all of you who purchased my calendar!!! We were able to donate $5000 to Misty Meadows and their Equine Programs to help kids with disabilities. AMAZING!!

December 21, 2019

I am person of the week on WMVY Radio!! Here is the link:

Click Here

December 20, 2019

Where can you find my New Book on Martha's Vineyard and beyond?

  1. Right here on my website
  2. - search on "Through A Sober Lens"
  3. Bunch Of Grapes Bookstore
  4. Edgartown Books
  5. Phillips Hardware in Oak Bluffs
  6. Refabulous in Vineyard Haven
  7. Cronig's in Vineyard Haven
  8. MYX Market at the Kelley House in Edgartown
  9. Vineyard Arts Gallery in Vineyard Haven

November 26, 2019

Really nice article in the Martha's Vineyard Times on my new book:

Here is the link: Through A Sober Lens Link


November 15, 2019

My new book, my photography and story are now available in the Fall Issue of Vineyard Style Magazine

I really appreciate Charlie and the gang at Vineyard Style.


November 12, 2019

My Radio interview on Boston's Frankie Boyer show is now available on-line

The show is titled: "The Frankie Boyer Show"

Just click this link to listen: Michael Blanchard Boston

November 11, 2019

My Podcast interview with Divya Parekh and the show "Beyond Confidence" is now available on IHeart radio

The show is titled: "From Collapse To A Compassionate Life"

Just click this link to listen: Michael Blanchard Beyond Confidence

November 10, 2019

Michael Blanchard and Post Traumatic Growth

The Dots Podcast

Listen on Apple Podcasts 

Michael Blanchard was a successful health care executive fulfilling the corporate dream and becoming what the world thought he should be when addiction to alcohol changed everything. Today Michael is a self-taught landscape photographer living and working on Martha's Vineyard. He is a speaker and author of two books. Additionally, he has an MA in Psychology and has developed a method called Post Traumatic Growth.

October 29, 2019

Check out my new Fall Video of Martha's Vineyard that I posted on Facebook this morning. Click this link:



October 27, 2019

My new book "Through A Sober lens: A Photographer's Journey" has been printed and 3000 books are on their way!!! Finally! They will be in stock by the end of November. Stay tuned for an extensive roll-out including book signings, radio shows, magazines and library talks. More to follow!

If you haven't seen my promotional video, just click here. I hope you enjoy it!

Through A Sober Lens Promo Video


June 16, 2019

The Vineyard Serenity Calendar is back for 2019-2020!!!!

I made, and released a video 2-days ago announcing the 2019-2020 Vineyard Serenity Calendar. I attached a link to the 4-minute video below.

The calendar will be used to raise money for Misty Meadows Equine Learning Center. I hope to raise $15,000 for their amazing programs.

I run a “Preorder” to help fund the project. You can see images of the front, back and some middle sections. It runs from September 2019 – December 2020 – a full sixteen months. The photographs were selected in voting here on Facebook. I also include some inspirational thoughts each month that I hope adds meaning to the photographs. We are including pictures and letters from students who have benefited from their experiences with horses. Whether the child is autistic or has cerebral palsy, miracles happen here on a daily basis.
Some facts:

-The calendar is 14x11 that folds open to 14x22

-The images and paper are of high quality.
-The calendar boxes are large and allow the writing of appointments and notes
-Inspirational thoughts by me each month
-Printed and delivered in May to preorder customers
-In stores on Martha’s Vineyard this summer

For the honor of holding your money for 2 months in funding the project I will raffle five 18x24 framed prints of this photograph of the Edgartown Light at sunrise. The five, signed prints, will be limited editions, and all who preorder are eligible for the drawing. Five people will win a free, framed print valued at $400.

The preorder is available at

This is the link to my 4-minute video.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I really appreciate your help!!

March 7, 2019

Kelly Jean Mcguiggin and John Murphy lost their kids to addiction.

These two amazing people sat with me last week and recorded a 30-minute program on MVTV to talk about their loss and steps we can take to prevent other parents from experiencing the same terrible outcome. This is the latest episode of our weekly program "Addiction - Got a minute" that is described in this week's Martha's Vineyard Times. I also included the Youtube link to watch the program. Very powerful and I want to thank both of them for the courage to do this. These two photos are of Colin and Jolene who died way too young - Colin of a Heroin overdose in his dorm room in 2016; and Jolene drunk driving at the age of 17, 20 years ago. I included a poem written by Jolene before she passed that shows the anxiety kids face. We need to find a way to prevent this.

February 21, 2019

Another video - my latest creation. The end of February 2019 over Martha's Vineyard. I hope you enjoy it

Click me: Over Martha's Vineyard February 21, 2019

And here is the latest installment of my TV show called "Addiction - Gota Minute" - Episode 12B
February 7, 2019

I am starting into videography. I took these drone videos this month and put them to music. I hope you enjoy it!


February 2019

Martha's Vineyard Television

I am no co-hosting a weekly talk show with Howie Marlin.  The 30 minute program is titled "Addiction:  Got a minute?".  This is an important show if you are contemplating rehab! Check out all the shows on

Click this Link:  Program #12


December 2018

Martha's Vineyard Television

I am no co-hosting a weekly talk show with Howie Marlin.  The 30 minute program is titled "Addiction:  Got a minute?".  Attached are the links to shows 3-6. We have enjoyed the process and would like feedback. Let me know what you think and how we could improve. Happy New Year to everyone!!!

Click this Link:  Program #3

Click this Link:  Program #4

Click this Link:  Program #5

Click this Link:  Program #6

November 2018

Martha's Vineyard Television

I am no co-hosting a weekly talk show with Howie Marlin.  The 30 minute program is titled "Addiction:  Got a minute?".  We have taped the first two shows and here is the link to program #2 which aired on November 16, 2018.  We hope to share our experience and invite guests to discuss addiction issues as they pertain to the residents of Martha's Vineyard.

Click this Link:  Program #2


May 2018

WMVY Radio Guest Host

I really enjoyed my show on WMVY Night Casts.  I was challenged to come up with nine songs that captured my journey from alcoholism to recovery.  It was a very cathartic process.  I consider this program one of the most meaningful things I have ever done.

The folks at mvyradio were kind enough to distill down the 2 hour Night Cast show, to the 67 minutes with my 9 songs and my interview with Laurel Redington Whitaker, If you were unable to listen last night at 10 PM, here it is. Playing the music, and thinking about these songs really helped me in ways I didn't expect. I appreciate the folks at MVY Radio doing this. I hope you enjoy it. Just click and listen. Have a great night

Click this link to listen to the show


May 2018

Cape Cod Life Magazine

My photography and story are featured in the Spring issue of Cape Cod Life Magazine.  Honored to be a part of this publication.  Just click this cover photo and and you will connected to the story on their web site.


Jan 2018

Vineyard Style Magazine

My Drone photography and story are featured in the Winter issue of Vineyard Style Magazine.  My photo of the Gay Head Light graces the cover.  Honored to be a part of this publication.  Click the photograph of the Gay Head Light to get to the Vineyard Style site to purchase the issue.


December 2017

2017 Year in Review!

Just for the heck of it I went back through 2017 to track events or initiatives that I was involved in, that made it into the Martha’s Vineyard newspapers. I thought you might enjoy these links that serve to summarize my accomplishments in 2017. Just click any of the links and you will be brought to the articles. Have a great day!

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